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She's An Asset

Aug 11, 2021

A young lady reached out to Autumn on Instagram and asked what Autumn thinks of young people joining law enforcement today. Here is what Autumn had to say about this. 

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Jul 29, 2021

In this episode Autumn comes in hot with her view on the first responder mental health field, what works and what does not. She talks about interdepartmental peer support and how that does not work. Autumn also calls out fake people who do not really care about first responder mental health but pretend they do on social...

Jul 23, 2021

When you are feeling burned out... listen to why as and how to fix how you're feeling. This is a coaching episode and essentially how Autumn coaches her clients. Share this episode with a first responder who could use this!

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The artist with the music at...

Jul 16, 2021

For most first responder relationships, this is the number one problem couple's face. Find out what it really means when they tell you that the job "always comes first" as well as the number one reason why most relationships fail. 

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Jul 8, 2021

In this episode Autumn "cuts right through the bullshit" and addresses the time in policing we are in culturally. If you are having a hard time or know of any other officer struggling, be sure to spread the message.

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