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She's An Asset

May 20, 2020

In this hour long episode, Lt Col Grossman talks about the power of sleep, what happens when people do not get enough sleep, and how he believes that this one change would change the culture for first responders quickly. 

You'll also hear Autumn's mastermind members asking the Col questions at the end- this has never been done before as you'll hear the Col say; and it was inspiring to say the least. 

One of the most important actions you can take as a first responder for you safety and your life is to get enough stress. If you find yourself unable to relax and having difficulty sleeping, check out my Stress Less mini course.

What Can We Control

There are so many things we can't control in our lives, especially in today's culture and climate. Lt. Col. Grossman's words ring true that we have to "turn all those things over to a higher power."

We have to start by identifying our internal locus of control. What CAN we control in our lives and turn the rest over to a higher power to take care of. Whether you believe in God or not there is more to life than what is just right here and right now. There is a higher power (be it the universe or God) and when we surrender enough to let go of the things we can't control we are able to live happier healthier lives focusing on what we can control.

Go here: to read more about Lt Col Grossman and to find his AMAZING books! 

You can also find the Col on Facebook under "Lt Col Dave Grossman" and the same on LinkedIn. 

If you enjoyed this podcast you can find Autumn @officerautumn on instagram