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She's An Asset

Aug 19, 2020

Meet Jason Schechterle, an officer who patrol car was smashed in by another vehicle and blew up with him in it. He was trapped and couldn't get out. Some how he not only survived but is now perservering and helping people all over the world by sharing his story.

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Aug 6, 2020

Autumn sat down with the host of the Roll Call Room Podcast, Nick who shares his story of being a Sgt on patrol and due to the inner corruption of the police force, he tried to take his own life. Clearly he wasn't successful and is talking about it.

He wrote a book about it too. Grab it here:

Aug 3, 2020

Autumn sat down with one of the founders of Blue HELP, a non profit that helps officer's families who lost their officer to suicide. They also conduct training for officers and departments around police suicide. 

Please check Blue Help out! Their website: